Healthy, Vegan Christmas Cookies

Hello, my Christmas friends and happy 4th Advent! Only a few more sleeps until the big day now...although sleep isn't very high on my list of priorities at the moment, to be honest. Instead I have been incredible busy with gift-shopping, wrapping presents and of course BAKING! Actually, I have been in our little kitchen so much I didn't even find time to share any of the yummy goodness with you here on the blog. So tonight, I have got a quick post, to share the recipe of these cookies, which I made 3 TIMES!! in the last days...Yes, that is how good they are! Plus they are actually quite healthy, completely vegan and without any artificial sugar- so no guilt needed (not even when eating around 20 of them within a day:-D) The recipe is from Niomi Smart, which you can find here!

Here are the cookies before they went into the oven! I followed the recipe exactly and they turned out great so I wouldn't change anything! Also, the dough was super quick to make and if you preheat the oven, they only take only around 10 minutes! I actually made an entire batch within 15 minutes before running out of the door this morning- win!

Oh, and another plus: Because of the lovely christmas spices in the dough, your house will smell AMAZING, just thought I'd mention that...

 Fresh out of the oven...hmmm...I can almost smell them now, just looking at that picture!
The outside is nice and crunchy while they are still soft and chewy on the inside- the perfect cookies if you ask me! Also any cookie with chocolate chips in them are an absolute winner! I used the 85% Lindt chocolate by the way, which is dairy-free.

I hope you had a great advent time so far and I will try to post a few more of my christmas baking in the next days! :-) 

PS: If you are interest in more healthy recipe and food ideas, follow my Instagram account @healthy_desktop

Happy holiday baking, everyone!

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Christmas Cake Pops

We are already half-way through my favourite month of the year, which makes me kind of sad but excited at the same time. Because being half-way through means also that Christmas is NEXT week!! Eeeek! Can't wait! I made a HUGE list of things I will be baking for Christmas, with my first project starting tonight!

But anyway...for today's post...yes, you guessed it, I have got another food-gift for you.
Cake Pops are possibly the most versatile baked good, because you can "dress" them for any occasion. So of course, the Cake Pops I am sharing with you today, are all in the holiday spirit...

First of all, I found this AMAZING Cake Pop kid at the supermarket (from Tchibo), which came with everything I needed (except for the cake pop sticks)- what a great set for making food-presents (my favoruite thing to do at the moment, in case you haven't notice yet ;-)

Secondly, I made the dough for the cake pops, which I cannot really recommend, because, despite tasting delicious, the pops did not hold up very well and I had a hard time to put them on the sticks.
However for really great cake pops, that DO hold up, you can check out this recipe, or this one

So, let's skip right to the decorating...wohhooo...aka. the FUN part :-)
As you can see in the picture above, I used the same chocolates as I did for the Candy Apples, which included white, marshmallow flavoured Candy Melts, red Candy Melts and plain milk chocolate.

For more detailed descriptions and tips on how to make the cake pops, check out the links mentioned above, otherwise, just enjoy the pictures of the decorated cake pops in their cute packaging :-) 

For decorations I used:

Crushed Candy Canes 
White sugar pearls
Ice blue rock sprinkles
Heart sprinkles
Rudolph picks

Happy holidays, everyone!

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Christmas Candy Apples

Are you getting sick of making food-gifts, yet? No? Great- Me neither! :-)
So guess what...Here comes yet another really cool, yummy, and rather simple to make Christmas food-gift idea. And since I have already been giving these away, I can report back that all age groups- aka my 9 year old cousin as well as my 75 year old grandfather- have absolutely enjoyed them!

What you will need:

Apples (depending on how many you would like to make)
Cake Pop sticks
Chocolate or Candy Melts
 (I pictured a few options above, but ended up using only milk chocolate and white Candy Melts, which were Marshmallow flavoured)
(I used crushed candy canes, walnuts, and a set of winter sprinkles, which included the snow flakes and the white and ice-blue sprinkles)


Wash and dry your apples, and stick the cake pop stick right into the middle. 
Melt the chocolate you want to use and either dip the entire apple into the bowl with the melted chocolate or use a teaspoon to drizzle the chocolate over the apple.
Then add sprinkles, nuts, or whatever you like, before the chocolate hardens.
If you are using Candy Melts, you want to work fairly quick, because they tend to harden fast.
BUT as you can see, mine weren't perfectly covered, and some of the walnuts slid right to the bottom instead of sticking to the side of the apple- yet I think they turned out super cute and these imperfections just give it that homemade touch, don't you think? (That's what I like to tell myself anyway ;-) 
 Finally, I used these adorable Rudolph picks to give the apples the finishing Christmas touch.
You could also tie a ribbon around the sticks or do whatever you like.
If you want to give them away as presents, like I did, simply use clear cellophane bags to wrap them in.

Happy Candy-Apple-making, everyone!

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Chocolate Buttons

As I mentioned in my last post, I love making little foodie gifts for family and friends to give to during the holiday season. It is also perfect for kids to make themselves and at the same time keeps gift-giving on a budget. Because really, Christmas is about showing the people in your life that you love and care about them- so giving something homemade usually hits the spot, no matter how much (or little) you spend on it. And chocolate is always a winner anyway... :-)

Candy Cane Oreo Pops

Have you all been enjoying December so far? I am sitting on my sofa right now, with my little Christmas tree lit and a big mug of tea- oh, wonderful Christmas time! :-)

Here in Germany, we celebrate Nikolaus on the 6th, which is just another great thing about December! Kids (well, ummm, and adults in my case :-D), polish their boots and put them in front of their doors on the night of the 5th, to find them filled with little gifts and candy in the morning! 
I like to make little foodie-gifts to give to friends and family on Nikolaus, so today I am sharing these super yummy Candy Cane Oreo Pops with you. They are simple to make and great for any Christmas occasions, which you might need a little gift for. 
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