Cake balls

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you all had a great start into the week.

Today I have got a quick, easy and fun recipe for you, which will leave you with these cute bite- sized cake balls. Remember when I told you in the last post not to throw away the cut-offs from the cake?
Well, here is why:

I had some vanilla and chocolate cake, so I just crumbled it all up and mixed the crumbs together. You can use absolutely any cake for this though. Then I used some of the cream cheese frosting and put it on top of the crumbs.
Next comes the fun part: Get your (clean) hands all into the mixture and combine everything until you have a nice dough, which you can form into little balls.

For the coating you can use dark or white chocolate OR some super colourful Candy Melts like I did :-) Melt them in the microwave or in a water bath, just like you would melt regular chocolate. They taste like vanilla and have a great shine to them once they harden.

Tip: If the texture is too thick once they have melted, use a tablespoon of vegetable oil to make them smoother- this will make it a lot easier to coat the cake balls.

And here are my cake balls in the process of being coated. I put some fresh blueberries on top, before the Candy Melts hardened. Also, as you can see, I was not too worried about forming the balls perfectly- some turned out smaller, some bigger and some rounder than others. But the Candy Melts are actually rather forgiving and still coated the uneven shapes nicely.

Here they are: The perfect yummy and quick bite-sized treats! :-)
They went perfectly with my naked berry cake and I just loved the bright, vibrant colour!
So don't forget to keep your leftover cake next time to make these cute baked goodies.

Happy baking, everyone!

Naked berry cake

Hi everyone, firstly...I am sorry that it has been so quiet around here. September (and the beginning of October) was such a busy month for me, with a lot of uni work, work-work and unfortunately also a few sick days. BUT the good news is...things are starting to slow down a bit, the new season is here and I have A LOT of yummy goodies to share with you! So stay tuned for a cake-filled rest of the year.

So let's start with this beautiful, super yummy, naked berry-licious cake! As the northern hemisphere is officially heading into colder weather, my parents and friends in New Zealand are enjoying the first warm days of spring. So, for all of you who are lucky enough to be eating tons of berries soon, while dipping you toes into the ocean, I have got a great cake for you:

VIDEO: HUGE Baking Tools Haul

Hi everyone, I hope you had a great start into the new week.
I have got something super exciting for you today (well, it is exciting to me anyway)- A VIDEO!
Yes, you read that right...not the usual pictures of cake, butter cream or cupcakes but a video of myself- all live and in colour. As I have never attempted to do a video before (or have ever seen anyone do it, or have ever been in one), it has taken me forever to edit...but now it is finally up and running and live for you to watch on YouTube (which took me 2 days alone to try and get it uploaded onto there :-D)

I really hope you enjoy this unwrapping of (what felt like a million) baking tools, supplies and decorations.
Oh, and one last thing before you hit the play button...this might have turned out rather long so go grab a coffee and a snack (chocolate, anyone?!)

Happy watching, everyone! :-)

Upgrading boxed cake mix: Oreo Cupcakes

At the beginning of August, my boyfriend's sister and her husband celebrated their second wedding anniversary. As she absolutely loves Oreos, I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to try out the very tempting cake mix I have been eying up on the supermarket shelves. Seriously, what is it about the packaging of those cake mixes that make me want to try every single one of them, although my brain knows that it really just is plain chocolate dough...But once I had everything in my kitchen, I decided to add a few ingredients here and there, to make this cake mix even more here come my upgraded Oreo cake mix cupcakes:

Dunkin' Donuts Cheesecake

Hi everyone, how have you all been? Have you been missing some cake around here?
Yep, so have I! So today I have got a treat for you and am finally sharing the pictures and recipe of this fun Donuts-Birthday-Cheesecake with you.
My boyfriend is obsessed with cheesecakes and especially with New York-style cheesecakes, ever since we have been to the Cheesecake Factory during our California trip in 2011.
 So it is a given that for his birthday he always gets one. 
Last year I baked him this really cool (but veeery sweet) Snickers cheesecake and managed to take absolutely zero photos...whoopsie...
So in order to top that this year, I decided to combine two of my boyfriend's favourite things- cheesecake AND donuts (pretty nice of me, huh?)

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