Chocolate barks from leftover Christmas Candy

Hi lovely people of the Internet! How was your christmas? Are you still in a food coma from all the yummy Christmas goodies or are you already preparing your NYE Party? If your christmas was anything like mine, you have an abundance of leftover chocolate and candy around your place, so here is an idea of what to make with it: Homemade chocolate bark! 

What you will need:

Any kind of leftover chocolate
bits of candy, such as crushed candy canes, M&Ms, pretzels or even nuts

Line a tray with baking paper and spread you first kind of melted chocolate onto it. Make sure it is not too thin, otherwise the bark won't come off in one piece. Also thick chocolate just tastes a lot better   :-)

Next, use another chocolate and pour it right next to the first one. I did not use anything to separate the chocolates, because their textures were thick enough to not run into each other. But I guess you could use some tin foil or something like that to separate the chocolate barks.

Here we go: A full tray of yummy chocolate with candy pieces.
As you can see, I used milk, white and dark chocolate.
As toppings I used strawberry twizzlers and heart sprinkles for the white chocolate, strawberry twizzlers for the milk chocolate bark in the top right corner and crushed candy canes on the dark chocolate. Finally, I used peanuts, little cookies, M&Ms and pretzels for the other milk chocolate bark (I think that all came in a M&Ms party bag).  

Let them cool down until the chocolate is solid, then use a knife to separate the squares, before peeling off the parchment paper from underneath. This worked really well for me, and none of the barks broke.

If you want to give them away as party favours on NYE or as late christmas gifts, you can break the barks apart into smaller pieces and wrap them in clear cellophane bags- the perfect homemade treat.

Oh, and this obviously works with chocolate bunnies as well- just in case you find some of them while clearing out you pantry :-)

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Merry Christmas: Chocolate Cupcakes with Vanilla Bean Frosting

Merry Christmas, everyone! Wherever you are in the world, I hope you are enjoying wonderful holidays with your loved ones right now. Oh, and hopefully there is some cake too :-) Or how about some cupcakes? With cute gingerbread men in knitted jumpers? :-) Well, look at that...I might just have the perfect recipe for you here:

I used this cute Holiday Cupcake Set from Wilton, which came with cupcake cases and toppers.

For the Chocolate cupcake Recipe I turned to one of my favourite baking blogs: Passion for Baking
They are amazingly fluffy, yet rich and chocolaty- a perfect Cupcake dough!
As topping, I used this Vanilla Bean Frosting recipe. The consistency is amazing for piping, as it holds up very well...and tastes DELICIOUS!! I dyed the frosting with the Wilton icing colour teal- such a cute, icy looking colour- perfect for winter and funnily also the exact same colour as the wrappers! :-)

I only made half of the recipe, but still had a lot of the frosting left over, so I piped the rest onto a lined baking tray, to make little meringues. These need to go into the oven at 100 degrees C for at least an hour. Then just let them sit in the turned- off oven for at least another hour or over night. The little meringues are great for decorating cakes or to just eat on their own- yum!

And here they are- don't they just look adorable? I also sprinkled a few white and blue sugar pearls over the vanilla bean frosting, to top the cupcakes off.

And because it is Christmas, I obviously had to share these cute goodies and wrapped them up in this festive cupcake box, also from Wilton.

Merry Christmas to you all,
may all your wishes come true!

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Healthy, Vegan Christmas Cookies

Hello, my Christmas friends and happy 4th Advent! Only a few more sleeps until the big day now...although sleep isn't very high on my list of priorities at the moment, to be honest. Instead I have been incredible busy with gift-shopping, wrapping presents and of course BAKING! Actually, I have been in our little kitchen so much I didn't even find time to share any of the yummy goodness with you here on the blog. So tonight, I have got a quick post, to share the recipe of these cookies, which I made 3 TIMES!! in the last days...Yes, that is how good they are! Plus they are actually quite healthy, completely vegan and without any artificial sugar- so no guilt needed (not even when eating around 20 of them within a day:-D) The recipe is from Niomi Smart, which you can find here!

Christmas Cake Pops

We are already half-way through my favourite month of the year, which makes me kind of sad but excited at the same time. Because being half-way through means also that Christmas is NEXT week!! Eeeek! Can't wait! I made a HUGE list of things I will be baking for Christmas, with my first project starting tonight!

But anyway...for today's post...yes, you guessed it, I have got another food-gift for you.
Cake Pops are possibly the most versatile baked good, because you can "dress" them for any occasion. So of course, the Cake Pops I am sharing with you today, are all in the holiday spirit...

Christmas Candy Apples

Are you getting sick of making food-gifts, yet? No? Great- Me neither! :-)
So guess what...Here comes yet another really cool, yummy, and rather simple to make Christmas food-gift idea. And since I have already been giving these away, I can report back that all age groups- aka my 9 year old cousin as well as my 75 year old grandfather- have absolutely enjoyed them!

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