VIDEO: HUGE Baking Tools Haul

Hi everyone, I hope you had a great start into the new week.
I have got something super exciting for you today (well, it is exciting to me anyway)- A VIDEO!
Yes, you read that right...not the usual pictures of cake, butter cream or cupcakes but a video of myself- all live and in colour. As I have never attempted to do a video before (or have ever seen anyone do it, or have ever been in one), it has taken me forever to edit...but now it is finally up and running and live for you to watch on YouTube (which took me 2 days alone to try and get it uploaded onto there :-D)

I really hope you enjoy this unwrapping of (what felt like a million) baking tools, supplies and decorations.
Oh, and one last thing before you hit the play button...this might have turned out rather long so go grab a coffee and a snack (chocolate, anyone?!)

Happy watching, everyone! :-)

Upgrading boxed cake mix: Oreo Cupcakes

At the beginning of August, my boyfriend's sister and her husband celebrated their second wedding anniversary. As she absolutely loves Oreos, I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to try out the very tempting cake mix I have been eying up on the supermarket shelves. Seriously, what is it about the packaging of those cake mixes that make me want to try every single one of them, although my brain knows that it really just is plain chocolate dough...But once I had everything in my kitchen, I decided to add a few ingredients here and there, to make this cake mix even more here come my upgraded Oreo cake mix cupcakes:

The box came with three sachets: One for the dough, one for the frosting and one with crumbled Oreo pieces for decorating. It also came with these really adorable, blue polka dot cupcake wrappers. Additionally I bought a pack of extra Oreos.

The wrappers were quite thick, so I just placed them onto the baking tray without using a muffin pan.
Upgrade: Instead of just filling them with dough, I decided to put a whole Oreo as a "bottom" into each of the wrappers. You can never have enough Oreo in a cupcake, right?

For the dough I just followed the direction on the box, which calls for 75ml of water to mix the powder with and 75g margarine or butter and 2 eggs to add to the cake mix. Then I added most of the crumbled Oreo pieces into the the dough, reserving some for the topping.
Upgrade: I added an extra egg, some butter and a little bit more flour, just enough to keep the consistency right- not too runny and not to firm. Extra butter and an egg gives the cupcakes a richer flavor and therefore adds that "homemade" taste.

For the frosting, the box calls for 175g of cream cheese, which needs to be added to the powder from the second sachet. Okay, so if you are going to upgrade anything from this boxed cake mix, it has to be the frosting, because honestly, the powder-cream cheese mix doesn't quite cut it.
Upgrade: More cream cheese, icing sugar, soft butter and a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Optional: White icing colour to achieve that crispy clean look of the icing. Again, I cannot tell you any measurements, just make sure to add everything just a little at the time, taste-test and if necessary adjust the consistency by adding a bit more icing sugar, if the frosting is too runny or a bit more lemon juice if it is too stiff.

For finishing touches, just pipe or spoon the mixture onto the cooled cupcakes, add the remaining Oreo crumbles and, as I did, also the leftover Oreo cookies, which I broke into halves.

I assembled everything onto a thick cake board, as I needed to transport the Cupcakes and then placed a cardboard on top, so I could write a message onto it. They were really yummy, the Oreo at the bottom worked great and added that extra chocolate taste. I also liked the crunch of the crumbles on top and the chocolate together with the fresh cream- DELICIOUS!

Also funny story on the side: I was wedged in the backseat between my boyfriend's sister and my boyfriend, holding the cakeboard with the cupcakes on top and just around the corner of their house, in a particular sharp corner, the cupcakes slid of the boar and just went EVERYWHERE :-D Luckily, we could save most, however all three of us and the car were completely covered in cream- fun times ;-)

I hope you are having a great day and happy cake mix baking everyone!

Dunkin' Donuts Cheesecake

Hi everyone, how have you all been? Have you been missing some cake around here?
Yep, so have I! So today I have got a treat for you and am finally sharing the pictures and recipe of this fun Donuts-Birthday-Cheesecake with you.
My boyfriend is obsessed with cheesecakes and especially with New York-style cheesecakes, ever since we have been to the Cheesecake Factory during our California trip in 2011.
 So it is a given that for his birthday he always gets one. 
Last year I baked him this really cool (but veeery sweet) Snickers cheesecake and managed to take absolutely zero photos...whoopsie...
So in order to top that this year, I decided to combine two of my boyfriend's favourite things- cheesecake AND donuts (pretty nice of me, huh?) 

Dunkin Donuts literally opened its very first store in Hanover, two days before Basti's birthday and the media really hyped it up, which resulted in the longest queues to get your hands on some delicious donuts.
But, since I am a good girlfriend (and maybe really love donuts myself), I patiently waited in the never-ending line until I finally got my amazing looking 12-pack of donuts.

So let's get onto the cake.
I used a 23 centimeter, round tin, lined the inside with baking paper and wrapped tin foil around the outside.
Then I made the crust from crumbled graham crackers (for the German people: Leibniz Butterkekse), melted margarine and cinnamon. Place it in the fridge or freezer, while you prepare the filling.

See the recipe card below for ingredients and instructions on how to make the filling.
Then simply fill the cream into the crust.

Place the cake into the prepared water bath.
This is what my setup looked like and it worked great! 

 After the cheesecake has baked, and you added the sour-cream, sugar topping, place it in the fridge to cool. I was running out of time, so my cake was cooling down for just about an hour before i started decorating it, but it had time to rest for probably another 6 hours before we served it- so that worked well.

Anyway, onto the decoration- my FAVOURITE part of baking!
By now you might also know that my visions don't always exactly turn out according to plan, so there is usually a lot of improvising involved in my baking, but personally I find that the most fun part because I get to be creative :-)
Long story short, I did not like the way the edges of the cake looked, so I whipped up some 
Nutella butter cream (Click here for the recipe) and spread it around the cake. In my sprinkles box (yes, I might have a slight addiction for sprinkles), I found some which looked exactly like the ones on one of the cupcakes so I decided to cover the butter cream with them and place that donut on top of the cake. The sprinkles are called 100's & 1000's and I got these particular ones in New Zealand.

Then I got a bit too excited about the sprinkles, melted some chocolate, drew a heart and HAPPY BIRTHDAY onto a sheet of baking paper, covered it with sprinkles and let it harden. The letters ended up being too big for the cake and the heart did not really stand out (sprinkles overload), so I would probably leave that step out next time. But they were yummy to eat anyway ;-)

Finally, I placed the cake into the Dunkin' Donuts box, cut off the lid, wrote "Cheesecake" underneath and the logo and  placed it into the back of the box, so it would stand upright. Then I assembled all the donuts around the cake and also pushed the number sparklers into the center of the cheesecake.

The donuts, the cake (and the sparklers) all were a great hit and most importantly, my boyfriend really liked this surprise. What a delicious mash up of America's yummiest treats!

For the directions, view the recipe card below.
If you click on it, it will enlarge and you can print or save the recipe to your computer.

I hope you are all having a sweet and sprinkle-filled week so far!

PS: For the other cake, which I made for my boyfriend's birthday party, click here

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New Zealand Care Package from Mum

Today has been a perfect day chilling on the couch and catching up on some of my favourite TV shows, while it was raining outside!
To make things even better, the post man rang in the early afternoon and brought me this amazing package. The only good thing about living sooo far away from your parents is the fun of receiving amazing packages. As always, my mum went absolutely crazy and got me and my boyfriend (yes, she particularly stated that I HAVE to share) a full box of yummy New Zealand treats, including PINK chocolate!!
So for everyone who doesn't live in New Zealand or Australia, let me introduce you to some YUMMY sweets:

Oh wait, can we please appreciate this A-M-A-Z-I-N-G card first? My mum is a big card writer and always manages to find the cutest ones! I am definitely keeping all of them- so pretty!

Okay, back to the chocolate and cookies- oh hey how about combining both?
I am so happy to have the salted caramel TimTam's back in my life- they are absolutely yummy!
I guess Mum already guessed that I would not share them so she got Basti his own package :-D
Never tried the Turkish Delight one before though, so very excited for them as well.

These are for the boyfriend as well, because he absolutely loves the Whittaker slabs.
I don't think he has tried the L&P one before, but I won't tell him what to expect 
(hint: L&P is a fizzy drink)

It is PINK chocolate, people, with pink cookies inside! Does it get any better?
I actually saw this one on a friend's instagram account and asked my Mum to get me one.
Yes, I admit, that is how crazy I am in love with chocolate- I get it shipped from the other side of the world ;-)

So these are the original cookies which are incorporated in the chocolate above.
And yes, these are two packages- have I mentioned yet how awesome my mum is?

I actually never had them before in New Zealand but despite being PINK with sprinkles and looking absolutely adorable they are super tasty as well! Imagine soft sugar cookies with icing and the softest sprinkles.

And of course, Mum wouldn't be Mum if she would not sneak some baking things into her care packages! I am totally in love with these shiny, metallic- looking cupcake wrappers and cannot wait to use them!

And finally, she also got me these adorable gift bags (which are actually a lot bigger than they look in the picture). How cool is the Cake Factory bag? 

I hope you liked this little post, sponsored by my mum :-)
Please excuse me, while I am off to eat pink chocolate and sprinkle-cookies-mmhhhh

Birthday Piñata Cake: Vanilla sponge with mousse au chocolat

Okay...are you ready for a creamy, chocolate- loaded post, topped with a bucket full of sprinkles?
What I am trying to say here is that you can get all comfy in your chairs because I have got a LOT of pictures for you today and also my fair share to say about this cake :-)
But don't worry, the recipe is actually rather easy :-D
So let's get cracking!

I baked this delicious blue dream for my boss's birthday last week and yes, that meant that I had to transport it to work. And yes, despite my boyfriend driving me, I kind of looked like a butter cream smurf by the time I made it to the office...

But let's start at the beginning:

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